Taco Loco Reviews



Lacey G.

My boyfriend and I were spending the weekend in the redwoods and stumbled upon this place for lunch. The food and drinks were super fresh and spectacular! Most importantly, Patty, our cashier/server, was absolutely AMAZING! She was so sweet, kind, helpful, and really cared about our dining experience. If we ever find our way back to fortuna, we will be sure to stop in for good food and also to visit Patty! Thanks so much!


Kim A.

Awful.  Yelp is really disappointing me in Humboldt County.  Due to lack of options, I feel patrons are just excepting of crummy food as the norm.  Taco Bell would be a better, more tastier option. The chips are commercial and that should have been my first sign.  Each person is given a tiny cup of "chip salsa", which of course is far from enough if you actually LIKE Mexican food.  I got the super nachos with asada.  These were the most tasteless nachos I can remember ever eating.   There is no onions or cilantro or spice whatsoever.  When I went to the counter, they have a picture of different salsa that they have.  A tiny cup of "pico de gallo" is 99 cents EXTRA!  What?  I asked for another cup of the "chip salsa" to add to my nachos as this had a small amount of cilantro and onion and they didn't charge me.  Still not enough for the meal, but whatever.  We already knew we weren't coming back.  Annoying to spend almost on 2 meals and 2 beers and be disappointed the entire time.  We will never return.


Paula B.

Friendly staff. Great service. Excellent food. We had a veggie burrito and it was excellent. The salsa was delicious!The menu had many options. Great place.


Rebecca G.

We came here based on yelp reviews and were not disappointed. I had a special burrito with al pastor which was delicious and a lot to eat. My husband had a fresh chili relleno and enchilada which he also enjoyed. The staff is friendly and welcoming.


Samantha B.

I believe there are about 3 Mexican restaurants in Fortuna, but this is hands down the best place to go for a burrito. You can also order online ahead of time if you use the Leapset app or website. My favorite burrito is the Fiesta Super Burrito with carne asada. This place has delicious horchata and amazing salsa verde. Upon entering, you approach the counter to place and pay for your order. You then find a table. They have fountain drinks as well as a good selection of bottled drinks in a cooler. They also have self serve pitchers of ice cold water with cups out, which is nice. I like not having to wait to get my drink first, since you're given a basket of chips and salsa upon arrival. Your food is brought out to you, but it's expected that you bus your own table. Bus tubs are located in the front of the restaurant by the entrance/exit and are labeled appropriately. It's the best place to pop in and grab a delicious burrito. Nothing beats a cheap, quick, delicious meal. I should note that this place is crazy busy on the weekdays during lunch, since it is very close to the high school and a very popular spot to eat.


Jeff L.

Another 5 star find on the way back from the redwoods! This is a family owned restaurant that is wonderful. The girl here recommended the "Crazy Relleno Burrito" which, come to find out is a stroke of Mexican culinary genius! So good and tasty, but not too spicy - just right. My girlfriend got the Fiesta Super Burrito with chicken and it was great as well. This is a GREAT restaurant for a quick stop off the 101.


Mimi S.

This little place is in downtown Fortuna. We walked in and thought perhaps it's closed.. No, we were greeted with a really nice helpful ladies. Food was great. If you're looking for good Mexican food this is the place. Good drink selection and goodMenu selection!


Philip C.

The food was good and the salsa was awesome relatively good price as good customer service


Jen S.

This has been my favorite lunch spot since high school. Two chicken enchiladas with red sauce has been my go-to since 2005. I also love the super burrito without onions. They're friendly, quick, and consistent - delicious every time! Their chicken recipe tastes the same as it did 13 years ago, which I think really says something for a restaurants consistency. Whenever I come home to visit, I always make a point to stop here - partly for nostalgia but mostly because I can't really get authentic Mexican food where I live now (Kentucky). My only regret: not getting horchata to go with my meal.


Melissa N.

Was just ok, the tortillas tasted like plastic, and margarita tasted like lemonade, but the rice was good. Aside the food not being too great, the staff were all so friendly.


Jaiden J.

I live in Fortuna, and my family and I love Taco Loco! It is hands down the best Mexican restaurant in town. Yes the salsa comes in small containers but I don't use to much salsa on each chip. Their food is amazing, and they get you your food super quickly. My favorite place to eat in Fortuna!


Kody D.

So this place has the absolute worst meat. Not only is the steak consistently burnt but it is also a poor cut. Very cheap meat that is not moist and has absolutely no good qualities. I would say this place is good for a quick stop by. I would suggest to look at a different Mexican restaurant though. I cannot give this place more then two stars as it is almost not even worth the second star. You can tell they are just catering to high school students.


Claire L.

The best burritos in the world! I always look forward to Wing back home so I can order from Taco Loco. The only downside is that kids from the school clog the restaurant during school and they are loud and rude to the staff and other customers. But they are only there for 30 or 45 minutes during the weekdays.


Mandy M.

Good food at decent prices but counter staff is so incredibly rude in the way they speak to customers I have often just left rather than deal with them. Today I approached the counter with a question about a menu item but the young woman at the counter snapped angrily, "for hear or to go, for hear or to go," and kept interrupting me. Because I wasn't even sure I was going to order, I just walked out. No customer service skills whatsoever. Plus salsa options are so so and every time I ask about chips and salsa they tell me different options and prices. Last this place uses the "vegetarian overcharge," making it more expensive to sub rice and beans than it is for the original item with meat. But not always; depends on who the cashier is. Overall this place has great potential if they could get their pricing straight and teach their employees not to bark at and interrupt customers.


Lauren T.

I love this place it makes me feel happier every time i go Angela Herrera is the best employee she always has a smile on her face and says "i hope you enjoy" i love her so much i always go there so i can see her.


Greg H.

We rolled into town, later than expected, and found this place open. 15 minutes to close time they welcomed us in to sit down and eat .Boy did we get lucky! The service was quick and the food was delicious! I had the chili Colorado with hand made corn tortillas served hot and fresh. Never felt rushed and everyone thanked us for coming in! Top notch authentic food and service.


Jillian K.

I love this spot. It's quick, everyone is friendly and I always leave satisfied, with take out or a sit down order. I love the Chile Relleno, burrito or dish! Yum! This place is very casual but if you want a quick bite and good Mexican in Humboldt, this is the place!


Ian G.

Good Mexican food is humboldt county. Had a super burrito with chicken, was definitely great and a good price. Both of the people I talked to behind the counter were really friendly and added to a positive experience .


Carlos L.

Best Mexican food I've came across on the 101. The house special burritos comes with a delicious roasted pepper sauce.


Kristan O.

Miguel is the bomb.com!!! Most friendly staff, delicious food, great prices!! Got a veggie burrito the size of a newborn baby :) super happy and full!